Hadrosaur Symposium Book

Hadrosaur Symposium conveners, David A. Eberth (Royal Tyrrell Museum) and David C. Evans (Royal Ontario Museum/University of Toronto), are now compiling and editing the proceedings book from the symposium. The book is tentatively titled HADROSAURS and will be published by Indiana University Press in 2013.

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Download the Hadrosaur Symposium Abstract Volume here.

Download the Hadrosaur Symposium Field Guide here.

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Higher resolution of group images available on Flickr for download.

Download the Hadrosaur Book Contributors and Titles List here.

Download the Hadrosaur Book Manuscript Preparation and Submission Guidelines here.


The Hadrosaur Symposium and Book

Duck-billed dinosaurs (Hadrosauridae) are anatomically unique animals with a 35-million- year evolutionary history restricted to the Late Cretaceous. Compared to other dinosaurs, the group has an exceptional global fossil record.

In September 2011, the Royal Tyrrell Museum hosted the International Hadrosaur Symposium. Honouring the contributions of David Weishampel, 53 presentations were made by an international roster of dinosaur specialists and up-and-coming students. Keynote presenters included Pascal Godefroit (Belgium), Jack Horner (USA), Rodolfo Coria (Argentina), Khishigjav Tsogtbaatar (Mongolia), and David Weishampel (USA). Presentations (orals and posters), covered a wide range of topics representing state of the art research on hadrosaurs.

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