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Our full program schedule will start again on May 15, 2010.

Explore, create, and discover at the Royal Tyrrell Museum. Excavate in a realistic quarry, make your own fossil replica, or take a guided hike through the badlands.


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  • Dinosite!


    90-minute hike

    Ages 4+

    Prospect for fossils and investigate real dinosaur remains.

  • Excavate It

    The Dig Experience

    90 minutes

    Ages 10+

    Experience the thrill of excavation in a realistic quarry using professional tools and techniques.

  • Seven Wonders

    Seven Wonders Of The Badlands

    60 minutes

    All ages

    Marvel at the wonders of the badlands on this guided hike through Midland Provincial Park.

  • Jr. Dinosaur Explorers

    Jr. Dinosaur Explorers

    2 ½ hours

    Ages 7 - 12

    Excavate in a realistic quarry and participate in a badlands dinosaur adventure.

  • Secrets of the Lost Quarry

    Secrets of the Lost Quarry

    60 minutes

    All ages

    Help us locate an historic palaeontological quarry during this interactive program.

  • Dino Adventure Hour

    Dino Adventure Hour

    60 minutes

    Ages 3 - 6

    Kids discover dinosaurs, work in a realistic indoor dig site, and make a cool craft.

  • Fossil Casting

    Fossil Casting

    45 minutes

    Ages 4+

    Enjoy hands-on learning and make your own fossil replica.

  • Alberta Unearthed

    Alberta Unearthed: The Game

    30 minutes

    All ages

    Would you like to be a palaeontologist? This interactive game show highlights the incredible fossils in our new 25th anniversary exhibit.

  • passion past

    Passion for the Past

    All ages


    Meet our scientists and find out what inspires them to uncover the mysteries of the prehistoric past.

  • Behind the Scenes

    Behind the Scenes

    All ages


    Take a video tour behind-the-scenes and discover what happens to fossils once they're collected in the field.

  • Pond Scum

    Pond Scum

    All ages


    Discover how Alberta's rich fossil record fuels today's resource industry in this 25-minute award-winning video.

  • badlands-trail-tl

    Badlands Trail

    All ages

    Enjoy a scenic self-guided hike through the badlands.

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