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The Royal Tyrrell Museum’s annual Speaker Series brings world-renowned scientists and researchers to the Museum and offers them a platform to discuss hot topics in palaeontology or to share results of their current research with the public.

Held Thursdays at 11:00 a.m. in the Museum auditorium from January to April.

Past Speaker Series presentations are also available online!
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Speaker Series 2018

January 18: Jason Pardo, University of Calgary
Topic: Evolutionary Experiments in the Early Tetrapod Form

January 25: Michael Wilson, Douglas College
Topic: Late Ice Age Mammals on Vancouver Island

February 1: Jaelyn Eberle, University of Colorado|
Topic: Eocene Vertebrate Fauna and Flora in Canada's High Artic

Friday, February 16: Jon Noad, Sedimental Services
Topic: Palaeontology of the Cretaceous Chalk

February 22: Corwin Sullivan, University of Alberta
Topic: Insights from China on the Dinosaurian Origin of Birds

March 1: Rowan Martindale, University of Texas
Topic: Ya Ha Tinda and Mass Extinction in the Early Jurassic

March 8: Justin Lemberg, University of Chicago
Topic: A Tale of Convergent Evolution Over 375 Million Years

March 15: Caleb Brown, Royal Tyrrell Museum of Palaeontology
Topic: The World's Best Preserved Armoured Dinosaur

March 22: Eric Scott, California State University
Topic: Ice Age Horses of the American West

Friday, March 23: Donald Henderson, Royal Tyrrell Museum of Palaeontology, & Adrian Karaguesian, Atelier Plantagenet Workshop
Topic: Feathered Dinosaurs Unleashed

March 29: Susan Crockford, University of Victoria
Topic: The Arrival of Dogs in North America

April 5: Christina Barron-Ortiz, Royal Alberta Museum
Topic: The Extinction of Alberta's Ice Age Horses

April 12: Bolortseteg Minjin, Institute for the Study of Mongolian Dinosaurs
Topic: Fossils of Mongolia

April 19: Chris Jass, Royal Alberta Museum
Topic: Looking for Fossils in Underground Caves

April 26: Richard Cloutier, Université du Québec à Rimouski
Topic: The Missing Link Between Fish and Tetrapods

Download the 2018 Speaker Series Schedule

Did you miss a presentation? Speaker Series presentations are available on the Royal Tyrrell Museum YouTube channel!


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