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Royal Tyrrell Museum in the News

  • prognathodon

    Extinct Giant Marine Predators

    New fossil evidence from Alberta solves evolutionary mystery in extinct giant marine predators.

  • Latoplatecarpus_willistoni_specimen

    Marine Predator Discovered

    New 80-Million-Year-Old Marine Predator Discovered.

  • fort_mcmurray_fossil_ankylosaur

    Dinosaur Discovery

    A rare 110-million-year-old dinosaur discovered in Fort McMurray.

  • film_reel_dino_skull

    Media Stories

    Planning a story about the Royal Tyrrell Museum? Here are some great ideas to get you started!

  • trex_skull_in_collections

    News Releases

    Current and Past News Releases.

  • Black_beauty

    Image Database

    Royal Tyrrell Museum images for media and online sales.

  • Current Research

    Current Research

    The scientists at the Royal Tyrrell Museum are experts in their fields of palaeontological research. Find out how they uncover the mysteries of the prehistoric past.


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