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Regaliceratops peterhewsi is a newly described genus and species of ceratopsid (horned dinosaur)
that lived during the Late Cretaceous 68.5 – 67.5 million years ago


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Regaliceratops peterhewsi was discovered by a member of the public in southeastern Alberta in 2005.

Nicknamed “Hellboy” due to the combination of difficult excavation conditions and hardness of the rock surrounding the skull, the specimen took nearly 10 years from discovery to display. Upon discovery, it was instantly noticeable that this specimen was something that had never been seen before, especially considering its unlikely location and unique features.

The research on this specimen was completed by Royal Tyrrell Museum scientists Dr. Caleb Brown, Post-doctoral Fellow, and Dr. Donald Henderson, Curator of Dinosaurs. Their research has greatly increased the understanding of the evolution of horned dinosaurs.


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