Past Exhibits

The Royal Tyrrell Museum is constantly evolving. Take a look at some of our past exhibits that featured our collection and scientific research.

  • Trex_skeleton

    Lords of the Land

    This exhibit highlighted some of the most rare, fragile, and scientifically significant pieces from the Museum's collection. From lithe raptors perched atop pedestals to dramatic death poses elegantly encompassed by gilded frames, these creatures are nature's very own works of art.

  • sea-dragon_illustration

    Alberta's Last Sea Dragon

    This exhibit featured a new species of 75-million-year-old marine reptile used to explain the scientific process of naming a new, yet extinct, animal, determining its environment, evolution, and possible behaviour.

  • Alberta Unearthed

    Alberta Unearthed: 25 stories of discovery

    This special exhibit celebrated the people, places, and specimens that have helped make us Canada’s dinosaur museum.


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