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Palaeontologists use fossils to understand ancient animals and environments. Palaeoartists then help scientists to bring their research to life. Here’s your chance to be a palaeoartist!

Our annual Palaeo Arts Contest is open to all grade levels, has prizes for every winner, and offers the chance to have your winning artwork displayed at the Museum. This year, our scientists have selected this Stygimoloch (STIDGE-ee-moll-uck) skull to discover and interpret through art!

Download the Palaeo Arts Contest info package here!

Congratulations to the winners of the 2012 Prehistoric Arts Contest! Check out the winning entries at the Royal Tyrrell Museum or view them below.


Prehistoric Arts Contest Winning Entries3.71 MB


KINDERGARTEN    First Day of School
What if dinosaurs had to go to school just like you do? Would they have a backpack? A lunch box? How big would their school have to be? Draw Stygimoloch going to its first day of school!

GRADES 1 – 2         Stygimoloch Feast
Some palaeontologists think pachycephalosaurs (dome-headed dinosaurs), like Stygimoloch, may have only eaten plants (herbivores) and some think they might have eaten plants and insects (omnivores). Draw a Stygimoloch feast showing all the foods they might like to eat!

GRADES 3 – 4         Domed Destroyers
The skull of Stygimoloch is covered with many strange spikes and has very thick bone. Palaeontologists used to think these dinosaurs ran straight at each other and banged heads, but some now think they were actually hitting each other in the sides with their sharp spikes and thick boney domes! Draw how Stygimoloch used his head ornaments—for fighting, defence, or just for display!

GRADES 5 – 6         Dinosaurs and Dragons
People have been finding dinosaur fossils for hundreds of years (even before the word dinosaur existed). Sometimes these discoveries inspired legends of mythical creatures, such as dragons! Draw a dragon (or another mythical creature) inspired by the Stygimoloch skull.



Use any artistic medium you like to create a masterpiece inspired by the Stygimoloch skull. You can paint, draw, sculpt, build, or carve to create your own unique, wall-mounted artwork. Make sure it can be shipped to the Museum for judging. If you win, we’ll put your work on display in the Palaeo Arts Contest gallery for the world to see!


Download the 2013 Palaeo Arts Contest info package here!

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